Stop sabotaging your career and start leveraging your creativity and innovation for massive change by joining The Creativity and Innovation Experts Mastermind Group.


 FACT: 75% of us think we’re not living up to our creative potential. 

 Why does this matter? Because when CEO’s were asked, “What is the skill you most value in your people?”, they said creativity, the ability to solve problems, come up with new solutions, and use brainpower to figure things out.  Furthermore, only 27% of leaders feel their organizations have mastered the elements needed to innovate successfully.   

So we feel like we’re not leveraging our creativity and innovative thinking, and our bosses feel the same way.  That is a surefire way to ruin your career when that is what CEO’s and leadership value.

Six years ago, I was in the EXACT same situation as you.  I had been asked by the executive leadership at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) to come up with new ways to generate creative and innovative solutions for the lab – starting with a new innovation space. I had NO idea what I was doing.  I was an engineer, I was trained to analyze, design, and build systems that existed.  There was no playbook for building something that didn’t exist.  

I struggled for a long time. While my peers advanced in their careers – gaining raises, promotions, and recognition, I toiled away in obscurity, stumbling to try to figure how to be more innovative and creative for myself and for the organization.  I remember distinctly one day at lunch while several friends shared the good news that they had been promoted to senior staff (and I wasn’t anywhere close) – this level in our organization marks a significant career achievement.  

And so I struggled.  I struggled until a serendipitous moment that brought me together with other people in the same situation.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just joined my very first mastermind group. 

This mastermind group COMPLETELY changed the trajectory of my career and life. 

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We were a group where all of us were invested in each other’s success and we helped each other succeed.  

We did this by meeting regularly to talk about our individual and shared challenges, problems, and successes.  We gave each other feedback, critique, ideas to improve … we even shared resources and contacts when it was helpful and appropriate.  This, in turn, led to a massive acceleration of growth and education for everyone in the group.  

We dubbed ourselves the Design Thinking Corps.  Within a year of forming that group, we all achieved enormous success.  One of the mastermind group members became the program manager and helped lead the development of one of the premier innovation programs for the entire navy.  Another member was leading leading rapid prototyping and design sprints for the  Navy.  My close friend and colleague became the go-to innovation resource for the Director of JHU/APL – keep in mind that this is a 7000+ person organization that is considered a premier research lab for the Department of Defense and military services.  

As for me, I became the lead for our internal Design Thinking efforts for the lab - leading huge initiatives to transform the way we do business (e.g. creating over 20,000 sq ft of innovation space, generating ways to become a more diverse and inclusive organization, etc).  

Oh, and I got my promotion and a HUGE raise because of these efforts.  I want you to avoid my mistakes. I want you to avoid the lonely journey I experienced before I formed my mastermind group.  I want you to tell your CEO or leadership, “Yes, I have mastered the skills and methods of creativity and innovation.”  

I want you quit sabotaging your career and finally reach your full potential right now.  You can do this by joining The Creativity and Innovation Experts Mastermind Group today! 

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