Igniting Innovation To Transform The Military.

What happens when you apply the creative force of human-centered design to the seemingly insurmountable challenges of scientists, engineers, and analysts supporting our military warfighters? As an engineer turned design strategist, situated in the heart of the nation's military technology center, I answer this question everyday.  

If you are interested to learn how human centered design and creative problem-solving can affect innovative change in the face of steep challenges, then you've come to the right place. Every week I share the best insights and ideas, uncovered through my work with and study of the most successful people and organizations in the world - such as, the iconic design firm IDEO, and Wharton business professor and management expert Adam Grant. 

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About Tom

I’m a Design Strategist working at the intersection of technology, business, and defense. I work at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where I use human centered design to create innovative solutions for complex and challenging problems. 

As an engineer developing new products for the military and Department of Defense, I learned quickly that my industry struggled to generate novel ideas. You can read my full bio here.