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Accelerating Innovation Through Human Centered Design

I help people and organizations create in-house capabilities that accelerate decision making, collaboration, and innovation.  I do this by creating customized curricula, facilitation, train-the-trainer, and coaching programs.

Don’t take my word for it, but listen to a recent client, Sheldon Maye, a Management Consulting Executive with Accenture. Talking about the 2-day Design Thinking workshop I gave to him and his team, he says …

Sheldon May - Management Consulting Executive at Accenture

Sheldon May - Management Consulting Executive at Accenture

“Tom was awesome to work with and very informative!  Design thinking was totally new to me by the start of it and after a 2-day training I felt like I understood how and when to use design thinking, had practiced many of its core capabilities, could be an advocate to explain it to others, knew where to go for additional help, and had fun while learning it.  Tom’s energy and passion for the topic made it a very enjoyable experience!”

If you are interested to learn how human centered design and creative problem-solving can impact innovation, then you've come to the right place. Every week I share the best insights and ideas, uncovered through my work with and study of the most successful people and organizations in the world. 

About Tom

I’m a Design Strategist with a multidisciplinary background – I have graduate degrees in both engineering and applied psychology.  Before launching my own consultancy, I spent 15 years designing complex military systems to protect US and coalition soldiers around the world, as well as training US Army soldiers to be more resilient using the cognitive tools of resilience.

Now I consult with businesses and organizations across many different industries, including consulting, banking, education, product development, law firms, Dept of Defense (DoD), and the military.  I specialize in helping them to build indigenous innovation capabilities and to solve complex and multidisciplinary problems.  I do this by using the tools and methods of Human Centered Design.  You can read my full bio here.

A few of the clients I’ve had the to privilege to work with ...

Featured Podcast Episodes

Below are three personally selected episodes that I believe will help you to think more creatively and to dramatically improve your ability to innovate and tackle tough challenges you face in life and at work. My interviews with though leaders Adam Grant and Tyson Weinert discuss innovation and creativity directly. My interview with Tom Rath, does not directly discuss creativity or innovation, but does contain a ton of practical tips and insights from the latest research to help you perform better no matter what the goal.

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Features and Profiles

I’m incredibly honored to be featured and profiled in the Harvard Business Review, the UK’s New Scientist, and Positive Psychology News Daily. Click on the logos below to link directly to the articles.